are we doing this?

Maybe we’re doing this. This works best when you can drop in when it’s good for you. No commitment. Maybe mention it later, maybe don’t. Probably better not to. Take a penny, leave a penny.

They’re filming GIRLS outside my house again. Hours and hours of setup and then hours and hours of retakes of a guy yelling FFFFFFFF! at a car.

I’m home with my sweet baby girl and I can only do things that either don’t require arms or are super sedentary, and don’t require my full attention. This limits me to: talking on the phone, eating trail mix, using the computer.

Right now I’m supposed to be finalizing a draft of a wedding address I’m giving for friends of mine. They are amazing people and this should be/is easy but getting it Really Good is the hard part. Plus the pressure of knowing it has to be Really Good is making me do things like pay doctor bills and file mortgage statements first.

Less than a month before I go back to the office. I’m so sad about it. Working is stupid. I just want to snuggle my girl, read, cook a few things here and there, go for walks and sit in the park. Staying home is hard too, but for different reasons.

This is why I don’t write anymore, it doesn’t go anywhere. There can’t be any conflict. There’s only negativity or positivity, and you could look at Facebook for that.

My cat is 18 and not doing great. Her age means my dad’s been gone for 19 years. That seems like a lot of time and in fact I haven’t known him so long it’s starting to seem like I never did. I’ve officially known and not known him the exact same amount of time. Huh.

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fortress of milk

We got a case of milk delivered – he unpacked all six half gallons, arranged them in a circle, and then sat in the middle. 


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I’m moving all the baby stuff to a new blog:

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Hello world!

Nothing to see here! Yet.

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